Inphenom 5-Steps

INPHENOM is a quick and effective 5-steps in-salon treatment to repair dry, damaged hair from the inside, leaving you with shiner, brighter, softer hair.




Women with colored hair experience different kinds of textural damage to their hair such as dry, rough and tangles. Neu Due is designed to improve the texture of coloured hair without altering the beautiful colour.



Inphenom HomeCare

 INPHENOM Shampoo, Treatment and Mist maintain INPHENOM results, while the Ceramide Pack revitalizes the salon treatment.



Prejume Wave

 PREJUME CMC Wave is a hair retexturizing technique provides a smooth beautiful bouncy wave and curl style , a wide selection of wave/curl giving you a style you can work and manage with.



Liscio Straight


LISCIO Thermal Reconditioning is a hair retexturizing technique that stylists use as a tool to create a platform for beautiful hair design. LISCIO straightens curly, kinky hair and smooths out frizzy hair before your stylists gives you a new haircut or blow-dries your hair into a new, bouncy style. When you have a style you can work with and manage, styling and colouring your hair and visiting your salon for styling and hair care advice becomes more enjoyable.


Create the style you want, while leaving your hair supple.

A design foundational oil that works with the softening activity of baobab (bay-o-bob) oil

The first step to successful styling is getting the hair supple.

Elujuda contains the oil of the baobab tree (the tree of life), said to have been flourishing for over six thousand years on the African continent. It acts on the cuticle to make hair more manageable.